Repost from Facebook 6 November 2015

The Haven Amphitheatre

Many Castlecrag residents know and love “The Haven”. Originally constructed as an open air “scenic theatre” in the 1930’s and then lost for generations, the site was resurrected by the community in 1976 and then rebuilt again in 1992. In July 2014, it was again closed, being unsafe for future performances. For my family this was a particularly sad moment – we have lived only one house away from the Haven for almost a decade, have enjoyed many fine performances there and have sung heartily at some unforgettable Christmas Carols.

Unfortunately, while almost everyone I speak to would like to see the Haven reopened as soon as possible, there are many and varied opinions on the scale and nature of the rebuild, and on who should pay for it (Council has committed $150,000). Design options presented to Council and put on public exhibition in May this year were broadly rejected. I understand these options have now been reconsidered and costed, and will be presented to Councillors and then community representatives on November 11. Hopefully, the revisions will achieve some common ground.

Even more unfortunately, I have now been advised by Council (advice that I have confirmed externally) that given our residence is so close to the Haven, I may be perceived to have a pecuniary interest. Under the Local Government Act and Council’s Code of Conduct, this leaves me no alternative but to declare an interest and take no further part in the discussion. I am personally disappointed. I have spoken to many of our community about the Haven since the proposal to rebuild was first made by the Haven Committee in 2012. Indeed I have been a part of that Committee both as a Ward Councillor and as Mayor. I simply have no choice.

For further information on the Haven, please contact the Deputy Mayor Michelle Sloane (who will Chair any future discussions on the Haven), Sailors’ Bay Ward Councillors Hugh Eriksson, Rachel Hill and John Hooper, or refer to: