It is hard to believe that it has been a year since I was honoured to be re-elected as Mayor of Willoughby City Council, since Councillor Hugh Eriksson was re-elected and since Brendon Zhu joined us to represent Sailors’ Bay on Willoughby Council.

I would like to again thank you for your support during the lead up and on election day. It was your encouragement and support in our team and vision that allows for this newsletter to even happen.

So much has happened since 9 September last year and I wanted to update you on some of the highlights.  Key issues progressed include:

  • Improving Traffic and Parking 
  • Progressing Safety Improvements at Eastern Valley Way / Edinburgh Road
  • Improving Availability of Sporting Facilities
  • Ensuring a successful Vivid 2018 and other local events
  • Adopting a 10 year Community Strategic Plan
  • Engaging on a Local Centres Strategy

Parking Strategy

Traffic and parking was the most common area of concern in the lead up to the 2017 election. Following extensive community consultation, the first tranche of our parking strategy has been rolled out in Artarmon. The Artarmon changes are in response to residents’ concerns about commuter parking making residential street parking increasingly difficult. The Artarmon initiative is a pilot programme which may also be considered for other areas of the city.

Right Hand Turn at Eastern Valley Way and Edinburgh Road

I have continued to seek safety improvements at this dangerous intersection and I am pleased to advise that Council has now endorsed a RMS proposal for a green arrow. Importantly the RMS have also listened to our concerns about loss of parking, particularly as this may have had a negative impact on local business and amenity for residents.

Inaugural Sports Forum

One of the greatest challenges we face at Council is accommodating our growing population. Sport and recreation is a vital part of our community and is so important for wellbeing. A recent study has shown that we are facing a 40% shortfall of playing space over the next 20 years. As a result, Council held an inaugural sports forum attended by around 20 different sporting codes, to discuss how we can all work together to maximize limited space. We look forward to working with various codes for improved outcomes while considering residents amenity.

Vivid 2018

For the third time we hosted Vivid in Chatswood. With the invaluable and substantial help of corporate sponsors, this wonderful initiative boosts the local economy by millions of dollars and brings over 100,000 visitors to the area.

10 Year Community Strategic Plan

After an extensive consultation period which included over 15 pop-up stalls, over 5,000 thoughts, ideas and opinions and reaching over 150,000 people on social media, Council has adopted the Willoughby City Council Community Strategic Plan. This document sets out a vision for the next 10 years through to 2028.  Council also adopted a Delivery Plan for the next four years and Operational Budget for the 2018-19 financial year including highlights such an investment of over $5 million in our recreational parks, playgrounds and open spaces and $755,000 towards improving our carparks. Overall, 97% of our current projects are reported to be either on track or already completed.

I have also been busy attending community discussions with groups like our Progress Associations, Rotary Clubs and Sporting Clubs; and most months, I respond to hundreds of emails and telephone calls from our residents.  Your feedback is vital in guiding our response to matters like our Local Centres Planning, City Strategy, proposals for boarding houses and future use of The Northbridge and Artarmon Bowling Clubs.

As always, if there is anything you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

With best regards and thanks


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