Giles-Gidney back for another term as mayor

September 14, 2017
North Shore Times
Caryn Metcalfe


Gail Giles-Gidney is delighted and thankful to the Willoughby community for re-electing her as mayor for another term.

At the end of first-preference counting, Ms Giles-Gidney was still ahead of her only opponent Angelo Rozos with 69.45 per cent of the vote.

The Castlecrag resident said she was pleased with the results.

“The team worked hard and I’m pleased to be supported by so many members of the community,” she said.

“Angelo worked hard on his campaign and had some good support, but on the day I was more fortunate to get the results I did.”

Ms Giles-Gidney, who cast her vote at Willoughby Park Centre, said she looked forward to working with the new council.

Mr Rozos, who was re-elected as a councillor, thanked the voters of Middle Harbour ward for their support. “The vote doubled from previously,” the challenger said.

“I look forward to working with the (re-elected) councillors and welcome the new councillors.

“I look forward to seeing new people starting with fresh ideas and new perspectives.”

The Willoughby ballot was the only mayoral vote on the upper north shore. Residents in Ku-ring-gai and Lane Cove were asked to vote for their ward councillors.


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