Running an election campaign is a huge undertaking and takes a lot of hard work by a lot of people.  I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the incredible support I have received by so many in our community, my friends and my family.

The counting continues but initial results show that I have secured close to 70% of the Mayoral vote and I will get to continue to serve this wonderful community for the next three years.

Thank you to the many people who so willingly gave up their time to assist with the campaign. Pam McLeland was a terrific campaign manager who once again pulled us all together. Pam was supported by a number of others Alison, Jane D, Jane T, Karen, Mary, Anne C and Deb. Craig and Anne Lister worked tirelessly as did Linda Watts and David Stickland. The Zhu Family and supporters were nothing short of inspirational.

My beautiful husband Jon literally worked day and night and my children Miriam and Lincoln have been there supporting every step of the way.

We had so many helpers for pre-poll, letter boxing, polling day and of course our wonderful booth captains and scrutineers did a terrific job. Thank you to each and every one of you as with out your efforts this result would not have been possible.

In addition we had a number of independent Candidates leading their own tickets who worked to support my re-election as Mayor. Craig Campbell, Christine Tuon, Max Underhill, Shree Napit, Denis Fernandez and Wendy Norton.  These candidates were supported by wonderful community members and I want make special mention of Cr Rachel Hill, Cr Michelle Sloane and Cr Hugh Eriksson,  Brendon Zhu , Karen Pearson, Andrew Larkey, Bob Taffel, John Steel, Deb Fung, Nic Lim who all supported tickets and went above and beyond.

Im very pleased to say that while the vote is yet to declared Craig, Christine, Denis, Hugh and Brendon look to have been elected to Council. It is going to be a nail biting finish before we find out about Max.

Each and every one of the candidates worked so hard to get elected and they all deserve every success.

Now back to work – we have a lot to do …..

Warm regards and thanks


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