Councillors bicker over Baths job

25 May 2017
North Shore Times
Declan Byrne

The Northbridge Baths saga concluded with a final controversy at Monday night’s Willoughby Council meeting.

With council set to vote on releasing a public report on the project, which went into substantial overspend, Cr Nic Wright called for more detail from the report be revealed to ratepayers.


Cr Tony Mustaca also voted against the report’s release, stating he was unhappy with some of the aspects of the document.

Cr Wright raised his concerns about staff interaction details that were contained in the classified report, but excluded from the public copy. Councillors then moved the debate behind closed doors.

In the confidential report, the council’s property services staff were branded as being insufficiently experienced and lacking expertise, while they escaped blame within the public report.

Details of poor record keeping and a reliance on emails rather than the council’s document management system were also omitted.

Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney and councillors Hugh Eriksson, Rachel Hill, Wendy Norton, Angelo Rozos, Judith Rutherford, Lynne Saville and Michelle Sloane all voted to release the report which is available on the council website.

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