Best wishes and thank you

As we head into 2016, I wanted to take this opportunity to again thank all of the Willoughby residents for their tremendous support and celebrate the community in which we live.

In the past two years as Willoughby Mayor, I have met over 200 community groups.  I’ve also witnessed a common and hugely encouraging theme – genuine willingness to care and support others. I have been privileged to have spent time with a multitude of wonderful people, doing wonderful things for people in need.  I’m tempted to say “you know who you are” – but I am also very aware that those who make this effort don’t always appreciate the impact you are having.  Whether it be the team at Meals on Wheels giving support to those less agile, whether it be a church or community group stepping in during a time in need, whether it be one of the many unpaid and committed leaders of our fantastic sporting and recreation groups, or whether it be our school leaders, (and there are lots more examples), you inspire me.

As always, we head into an uncertain year.  It appears pretty clear now that Council and perhaps the role of the Mayor will be different going forward. As it stands today, I can’t say what these changes will mean in the long run.  However, I personally head into 2016 invigorated by the challenge ahead and committed to ensuring all of our residents, ratepayers and businesses are vigorously represented through whatever change follows. I continue to be deeply honoured to have been given the opportunity to represent this wonderful community.

Thank you, and on behalf of myself and my family, we wish you a safe and enjoyable 2016.


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