Stay Positive

At this final stage of our mayoral campaign, I just wanted to express my admiration for the positivity exhibited by all of the Vote1Gail supporters.

A few of you are aware that this hasn’t been the case in all camps, and the weekend got particularly personal (thank you for your emails and calls).

For the record:

  • I did not support the increased height of the Meriton development (the facts are available in Council minutes)
  • I have no intention of selling off park land to restore Council finances. I do not believe Council’s finances are in a perilous state – albeit others are apparently convinced of that proposition. I can tell you why it is not the case, and my first action as Acting Mayor was to suspend the proposed general rate rise in favour of an efficiency review of Council operations
  • I am not a property developer, nor have any such association with one. The only property investment I have is my residence in Castlecrag. My professional experience was with Lend Lease and MLC, in their financial services businesses
  • I am a member of the Liberal Party, as I believe all Australians should play an active role in our democratic system. However I believe there is no place for party politics in LOCAL Government, I am in no way endorsed by any party, and have not had any financial or other support of any club or association associated with any party. My candidacy for Mayor is entirely self-funded and I am INDEPENDENT
  • I am the Acting Mayor, and have exercised all functions of the role since Pat Reilly’s passing, in accordance with the Local Government Act

If you have any issues or concerns you would like to discuss with me, please call on 9967 4346 or email me at (my personal contact details)


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