Northbridge Plaza Council Car Park

The first stage of Council reporting on the Northbridge Council Car Park has been released.

The report acknowledges a need to upgrade the early childhood centre and makes plans for that.

In addition the report contains a feasibility analysis for seniors living on the site. The numbers do not stack up for anything less than 150 dwellings. This would mean a 5-6 storey development.  Clearly this would not be supported by the community (or me) and to my mind puts this issue to bed.

Repairing and upgrading the car park is more complex. Three options were presented.

  • A spend of $800,000 would re-sheet what is already there but not address the safety issues.
  • A spend of around $1,300,000 would address the safety issues but would mean a loss of 35 parking spaces
  • A total revamp of the car park, including terracing the levels would cost many millions of dollars. This could only be undertaken with some redevelopment of the Plaza.

Clearly a lot more work needs to be done and part of the report says that Officers will be following up with the Centre Managers later this week.

Council resolved to adopt the report and wait for further information from the Officers as it comes to hand.

To see the report, please click on this link.

I am keen to get any feedback on your thoughts.

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