Channel Nine Site Petition

I have been contacted by the Willoughby South Progress Association who has created a petition about the Channel Nine site redevelopment. As you can imagine locals are gravely concerned about the scale and impact on the neighbourhood and infrastructure.

Bob Taffel, President of the WSPA writes:

Because of lack of time, the large area we want to cover and the shortage of people to take the petition door to door we have decided to do it electronically.  If you have concerns about signing an electronic petition I’ll be happy to discuss this with you either at my email address above or by phone on 9958 6825.

It has just been revealed that the final concept, submitted to NSW Planning on November 30, 2012, despite the voicing of much concern about the density and the building height proposed, includes 585 apartments and buildings up to a height of 18 storeys with others at 10 and 12 storeys.  While the community generally accepts that a medium density residential development is a suitable adaptation of the site, Channel 9’s proposal can only be described as gross over-development.

This is a most important campaign within the Willoughby City area because as well as the effect it will have on the surrounding neighbourhood, it will set a precedent for all of the Willoughby City area.  So, the more support we can get behind the petition, the better chance we have of achieving a reduction in density and building height – outcomes that are important for Willoughby as a whole.

With support from each one of you and others in your email address book and Facebook and Twitter links we hope to get at least 5,000 signatures to show evidence of the widespread concern about this project.

If you are concerned about the proposed redevelopment of the Channel 9 site and you want your concerns to be heard please click on the link below NOW! It will take you directly to the petition.  Please fill in the requested details and then just click on the red “sign” button.

Thanks for your support,

Bob Taffel

Willoughby South

Progress Association

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