Right Hand Turn Update

The traffic committee met last week to discuss RMS proposals to alter parking and bus stops on Edinburgh Road. This was in response to residents ongoing request for a right hand turn green arrow from Edinburgh Road into Eastern Valley way (travelling west).

The RMS proposals did not give a green arrow but rather looked at reducing parking and changing bus stops. As you can imagine this produced a significant response from local residents who were concerned about loss of parking spaces, diverted traffic flow and the loss of the Castlecrag village atmosphere.

The traffic committee agreed not to adopt the RMS recommendations and on Monday night this was endorsed by Council with a further call to investigate the right hand turn green arrow.

Ward Councillors along with a Director from Council met with the Hon. Gladys Berejiklian last week. A number of options are being explored including an off peak green arrow. A further meeting is planned before year end to progress this issue further.

Many thanks to our local member Gladys Berejiklian, the Officers from Council and the passionate members of our local community who continue keep this important safety issue on the agenda.

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