Meet the Candidates Speech

On the 29th of August I attended the “Meet the Candidates” night hosted by local Progress Associations.
The evening was very successful with around 100 residents coming to hear what the Sailors Bay Ward and Mayoral candidates had to say.
Here is an excerpt from my speech.

Here are a few living examples of some of the challenges residents in the SBW face:
#1 – There is a desperate shortage of Seniors Living accommodation. One in eight of our residents are 65 or older and we should have downsizing options to ensure they can stay in their local area. I have raised awareness of this issue and maintain it needs proactive Council support.
#2 – Two thirds of all homes contain young families with children and we have huge demand for better access to sport and recreation facilities.  We are in desperate need of the proposed improvements to the Leisure Centre and other sporting facilities, and soon. I am committed to making sure that Council’s financial resources are dedicated to this purpose.
#3 – Over half of our homes have two or more cars with the number increasing.  On top of that problem, through-traffic from dawn to dusk is getting worse, much worse. Council needs a management plan that is current and accommodates the legislated State Government density initiatives we are now facing.
Finally –Councillors are the only people in the business world that do not have any Key Performance Indicators, Council is a business and those in charge should be evaluated as such.  BUT The only way councillors are currently measured is by election every four years.  We need a more transparent performance plan for your Councillors.

If you would like to discuss these or any other issues please contact me.


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