Bushcare’s Major Day Out

9am to 12 noon, September 11, 2011 Tunks Park Northbridge.

Bushcare’s Major Day Out is an opportunity for each of us to join with others in the community and participate in the regeneration of the bushland in your local area.

Just as Clean Up Australia Day has made us a litter conscious nation,Bushcare’s Major Day Out aims to establish a day where we celebrate our concern and love for bushland and the process of Bushcare as an accepted and desirable part of our culture.

Australia’s bushland is the home for our wildlife. Agriculture relies on the insects and pollinators that live in it. But,our bushland is under threat from invasive species particularly garden escapes.

Since the 1970s,when the Bradley sister’s, Eileen and Joan (a scientist) developed Bush Regeneration thousands of volunteers and trained Bush Regenerators have helped regenerate the bush,tipping the balance back in the favour of our native species.

As people have settled up and down the east coast they have (for example) helped turn our coastal sand dunes from Bitou Bush (Boneseed) dominated places. In the process transforming the dunes and headlands to those that more closely resemble the past.

Bushcare’s Major Day Out is one day of the year where we can all have a go at bushcare,or simply come along and celebrate the part that the bush plays in our nation.

Come along Australia and get involved in our day for the Bush.

For more information see www.bushcaresmajordayout.org

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