Castlecrag Progress Association – The New Team

On Sunday I attended the Castlecrag Progress Association AGM. It was great to see so many interested people there and a new Committee, led by James Fitzpatrick who has taken on the Presidential mantle. I wish James and the new team all the best for the coming year.

I have been amazed over the past year, of the many activities that the CPA is involved in. They review and comment on some of the DA’s in the suburb, offer support to residents involved with traffic, bushland and heritage issues. Recently they provided support for some residents keen on buying vacant land to preserve it as a reserve. They have given invaluable support to the “right hand turn green arrow” and seem to pop up in all sorts of places.
Bob McKillop from the CPA sits on the Traffic Committee at Council and represents CPA at the Federation of Progress Associations (in addition to being on the Heritage Committee.. whew!). Members are on the Griffin Reserves Advisory Committee, a Council committee that looks at the management of all the Griffin Reserves.
Through the GRAC we recently had a site inspection of the Haven Amphitheatre, and have highlighted the need for Council to look at the fence which is in very bad repair. In addition in mid June we will be meeting with Council to discuss possibilities for a Reserve interpretation system, with possible government grant funding.
The Bushcarers (including CPA members) helped organise the tour of the Embrasure, Gargoyle and Oriel reserves, led by Professor Carrick Chambers.
James and the team are seeking new members as they recognise the suburb is in a period of renewal. They want to ensure that all residents are represented by the Association. I would encourage any Castlecrag resident to contact the CPA to find out more.


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