Suspension Bridge Update November

Here is a round up of what has been happening of late:

Willoughby City Council made a submission to the RTA on 29th October

North Sydney Council has confirmed they also made a submission on the 19th of October.

Gladys Berejiklian followed up on her submission on the 29th of October.

There has been a joint press release issued by North Sydney Council and Willoughby City Council.

Northbridge Progress Association President Peter McNair spoke on 2GB and Councillor Hooper also phoned in.

Robyn Murray has advised that the Bridgeview Precinct has committed $500 to a design competition.

Peter O’Carroll has suggested “Since we have an X Prime Minister living in Northbridge and a X Prime Minister that likes to get involved with planning issues re: Hickson Road Millers Point waterfront development is it worth trying to get them involved in our campaign?” Does anyone have a contact through we could make an approach?

A resident has suggested that in light of the design suggested by James Fitzpatrick (thank you for your work James), we look at a cost split of the upgraded design between NSC, WCC and RTA. Any response from Council’s to this?

Nick Tobin, General Manager WCC has undertaken to investigate where the RTA is in giving a response to our submissions through his contacts.

Some residents are keen to implement a public demonstration though advice is that we are more likely to get a positive result by following bureaucratic channels. There are also sensitivities involved with community concerns about suicide and mental health.

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