Tired of Running the Gauntlet?

Running the gauntlet is a medieval punishment, compelling individuals to run between two rows — a gauntlet — of bludgeon-wielding soldiers ready to strike.In 2009, we have a gauntlet at ‘the crossroads at the Crag’. Most drivers turning north from Edinburgh Road on to the main arterial Eastern Valley Way run a high risk of being hit.

Although we have seen exponential through-traffic growth since Flat Rock Drive became an alternate route to and from the city, the traffic light system at the crossroads has not kept up with demand. Were the RTA designing a system for today’s flows we would see four-way filters to and from the Eastern Valley Way. Which is what we need – and before 2010.

Over the past 20 years, repeated documented requests presented to the RTA for a safer system have failed to achieve any change. The RTA just trot out their favourite catchall policy of not wishing to cause delays to peak traffic on the main arterial road. So far, we have been lucky running the gauntlet – but it is only a matter of time and traffic flows before we have several severe hits, even fatalities.

For the first time we are presenting a united approach to get rid of the gauntlet. Gladys Berejiklian is seeking a meeting with the Minister for Transport, Steven Head from Council is deeply involved, your Ward Councillors are proactive and I am calling for significant additional resident involvement.

It is time to take the gloves off. Castlecrag residents can prod the RTA into action and if you think you can help, register your interest, I need to hear from you – soon. Call me on 9777 1001 or email me at Gail.Giles-Gidney@Willoughby.nsw.gov.au.

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