Council Update

It has been just over a month since I took up the role of Councillor. What a journey it has been! What very diverse roles the Council undertakes. Some of the issues I have been involved with vary from the Alfresco dining license at a local cafe, opening times of the Northbridge Baths, wheelchair access for restaurants and the right hand turn at Edinburgh Road. In addition I have followed up on the smokers outside of the Bridgeview Hotel and recycling for businesses. I have also followed up on Garbage Truck movements on main roads and how we can better engage interested residents. Of course this is on top of the DA’s, site visits and Bushland Action Plans.

I have had Council meetings most nights of the week and it is pretty well a full time job to keep up with the reading and coming up to speed in things. I have also attending a full day workshop on Good Governance and another workshop on Code of Conduct. I can see as I get more familiar with procedure the time pressure will ease and as I was expecting this to be a full time job, I was prepared. Fortunately my family has been incredibly supportive.
Please contact me if you have any ideas or comments.

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