Two Weeks on Council

It has been very much a case of hit the ground running! Following the election result being declared, the very next day I met with the General Manager and Directors at Council. Armed with Council papers about 15 cms high, I was sent on my merry Councillor way. That was Thursday 7th May 2009.

Since then I have attended the following meetings: Federation of Progress Associations, Willoughby Heritage Museum, Council meeting, Zenith Review Workshop, Children’s Forum, Financial Instruments Review Workshop, Northbridge Progress Association, Natural Heritage and Bushland Advisory Committee, Griffin Reserve Advisory Committee, Cultural and Environmental Committee and a Traffic Committee meeting.

I have also attended a hearing of the Land Environment Court in Northbridge relating to the removal of a tree and went to a DA site meeting that was cancelled due to lack of height poles.
I am thoroughly enjoying being part of Council and the many issues being dealt with are varied and challenging. The prospect of being part of the local government process is very exciting.

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