Right Hand Turn at Edinburgh Road

Since being elected I have had many Castlecrag residents approach me regarding the right hand turn at Edinburgh Road.

As you may know this issue has been around for many years without resolution. The Traffic Committee has commissioned a study which shows not only the use of the right hand turn, but also the way that drivers continue along Edinburgh Road to then make a turn into the Avenues and double back to Eastern Valley Way. It is the Traffic Committees intention to make another application to the RTA on the basis of this additional information. I have also requested they make enquiry on the likelihood of even a restricted hour green arrow.
I am very sceptical that this will make any impact on the RTA’s stand against an arrow. The problem is that while the Castlecrag residents know of the hair raising experience in “running the gauntlet” actual recorded major accidents are low. In addition the RTA is concerned about slowing traffic on Eastern Valley Way to allow a green arrow exit from Edinburgh Road.  The local residents all know this is not an acceptable response.
The Council will continue in its efforts to try and bring about a resolution but in the meantime what can we do? My plan is to escalate this issue to Ministerial level and State Parliament. In order to do this it would be helpful if anyone has a contact in the Labor Party please get in touch with me.


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