Election Day News

It was an early start for a lot of people on Saturday morning. Booth Captains showed up in full force to get the best position for “Gail Promotion” and did a great job of securing prime spots.

A huge team of booth workers turned out in their “Gail” t-shirts, they looked wonderful and really worked their socks off all day to secure votes. Following poll close scrutineers at each polling booth phoned though results to an excited crowd at my place.
So, I know you are all bursting for a progress report….
McMichan 515
Rozos 648
Lightfoot 1480
Mustaca 1498
Johnston 1511
Giles-Gidney….. 2031 (!!!)
While this result is a fantastic one (much better than I could have ever hoped, or dreamed for), it means that preferences will now be counted to determine a winner. A candidate needs 50% of the vote to win.  I will be hard to catch from this position, but cant claim a victory until final vote count on Tuesday. From there other candidates have 24 hours to request a recount with a final result posted Wednesday lunch time.
Thank you to the many that have supported me in so many ways. This result would not have been possible with out a huge team effort.
Living the Dream!


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