This week to 19th April – Look out for pre-poll.

On Sunday, I attended the ANZAC service at St Stephens in Willoughby. What a moving tribute to our service women. I was able to hear many interesting stories about women that served, the most engaging of which was from Louise Garrett. Her mother had served in WW2 overseas as a nurse, and her father as a Doctor who ended up as a prisoner of war in Germany. Sometimes the most interesting stories are those closest to home.

Most afternoons I was out door knocking and spent a few hours on Sunday meeting residents. The election is getting closer (less than 2 weeks) and for the first time, people knew that election was on. I bumped into a candidate on the street, drove past another one, and signs seem to be popping up like mushrooms. Looks like it is game on!

The meet the candidates evening is on the 22nd April at St Marks Church, Northbridge at 7:30pm. I look forward to some interesting presentations and questions.

Pre-polling starts on Monday 20th April from 8:30am to 5pm for the next two weeks at 137 -145 Sailors Bay Road, Northbridge.
I would love some company if you can join me.

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