On the Campaign Trail 5th April

Today completes another big week on the campaign trail.

Traffic, parking and safety were again the major issues.

Claire and Deb have been helping with invitations to my campaign launch on the 18th of April from 3pm to 4pm at Laurelbank. I hope to have lots of supporters there,so please let Pam know if you can come (pam@gailgg.com.au)

The car magnets arrived and there have been a few sightings. I have three cars in the area with “GAIL VOTE 1”. If you see one, let me know.

During the week, yes, in the pouring rain, I continued to door knock. I am amazed at how receptive people are and it is very encouraging. Saturday was a big day locally (thanks Jane). On Sunday, we had a team of people go out (thanks Mandy, Karen, Louise and Jon), and covered a lot of territory.

I have continued to be overwhelmed with support from many different people. I need a lot of letterbox droppers and people to attend polling booths, pre-poll etc, and friends have been quick to step up. THANK YOU. Pam (the Volunteer Co-ordinator Legend) is busy putting together schedules so it isn’t too late. Pam can be contacted at pam@gailgg.com.au

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