Week Ending 27th March

It was another busy week on the campaign trail.

This week my flyers finally arrived, so it was time to hit the streets. I spent nearly five hours knocking on doors and found it a great confidence boost.
I received some terrific feedback on local issues including the need for cycle ways and appropriate development. In addition residents were very passionate about about ensuring that the bush land was protected. I also spoke to residents who had pets killed by speeding cars and in one instance a small boy was hit by a car. Traffic calming is a really big issue.
I was disappointed that my email to the editor of the North Shore Times wasn’t published, but from the other letters that were, it would seem that many are concerned about the development of Northbridge Plaza. Interesting that the plans have been put on hold one month out from the by-election. Perhaps too hot an election issue?
Apart from having Lincoln’s 11th birthday party on Sunday, I also attended the Sugarloaf Crescent Neighbourhood get together. It was lovely to see many of my old neighbours and I even met the “new” people who now reside in our old house. Lovely to hear they are enjoying the locality as much as we did.
Next week is a big one with the ballot draw. This will determine where I sit on the ballot paper. I just hope the draw being held on the 1st of April is not an omen!
The other news is that my campaign launch has been set for
SATURDAY 18TH APRIL 3PM TO 4PM AT LAURELBANK, CNR LAUREL AND PENSHURST STREETS WILLOUGHBY. ALL WELCOME.  I hope to get as many as possible there. If you can come please rsvp to pam@gailgg.com.au
Thanks again to everyone for their support.


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