My Week

I have had a busy and exciting week getting prepared to “hit the streets’. I met with an ex-Councillor and a member of the Master Planning Committee for Northbridge Plaza. Apparently plans for Plaza redevelopment are being put on hold indefinitely. This is good news, as I had major concerns about the carpark, residential construction and traffic issues associated with the development. Interestingly in the North Shore Times this week, Cr Thompson has attacked the Northbridge Progress Assoc meeting as losing “vibrancy and taking on tiredness” as “attendees being well over 70”.  I attended this meeting and am surprised at the insult to the senior members of our community. Perhaps the Council should take a good look at their average age? Time for a new generation in Council!
I spoke with another Councillor, and also met with Gladys Berejiklian to discuss local issues. The right hand turn into Eastern Valley Way from Edinburgh Road has been a continuing issue for Castlecrag locals and we discussed ways to highlight this problem and get some action.
I talked with many residents from the local community and there is a recurring theme about concerns of traffic safety, particularly around schools and small local roads. Parking around the Northbridge strip shops is also a problem with cars parked for hours at local restaurants, resulting in people not being able to pop in and get a paper.
The proposed seniors development in Northbridge (it’s not called Cliff St for nothing) caused a great deal of concern, not only the Northbridge residents, but also to many others who did not want traffic lights in front of the beautiful suspension bridge. Seniors development is great, but needs to be in appropriate places.
On the campaign front, I now have some graphics to work with, so it is full steam ahead with getting the promotional material ready. All I can say, it that the brief was to make me stand out, and it has done that!
I have been overwhelmed with the response for help from so many. THANK YOU!  I still need lots of helpers for letterbox drops, pre-poll and polling day, and street stalls, so if you would like to help, please contact

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