Issues within the Sailors Bay Ward

Standing as an Independent Candidate in the Sailors Bay Ward some of the issues I wish to represent the Community on the Willoughby City Council are:
The Development of Northbridge Plaza
The plans to develop Northbridge Plaza have now been put on hold. These plans included the building of residential units which would bring even more cars permanently into the locality and place even more pressure on infrastructure. I remain concerned that this site is at risk of overdevelopment. This was going to be a hot election topic and I believe that it is not a co-incidence that plans have been put on hold a month out from the by-election.
Protection of the Local Environment and Heritage
The Sailors Bay Ward has many unique places of historical and environmental significance. We need to preserve our environment, including the natural bushland while working with the land to accommodate the growing needs of the Ward’s residents.
Leisure and Lifestyle
We are fortunate to have an active community that participates in a wide range of sporting and leisure activities. We need to ensure that community has access to training facilities and recreational and public space that is protected.
Traffic and Safety Planning
With the every increasing traffic on our local roads we need to ensure the safety of all residents. This includes traffic calming around schools and in residential areas. There is increased pressure for parking around strip shopping areas. In addition a right hand arrow from Edinburgh Road to Eastern Valley Way needs to be installed.

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