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ANZAC Day 2018 Speech

For over 100 years Australians have been involved in conflicts in an effort to preserve our democracy, our freedom and our way of life. These conflicts have included the Boer War, WW1, WW2, Korean War, Malayan Emergency, Vietnam War, Indonesian Confrontation, Gulf War, Afghanistan, Iraq and service in peacekeeping forces from 1947 to the present

Four Years as Mayor

This week marks four years since I was given the honour of being elected as Mayor of Willoughby City Council. During those four years a lot has happened and I am proud of what has been achieved. Inescapably, the threat of Council Amalgamations loomed large for a greater part of this time. Willoughby City Council

The result is in – thank you!

Running an election campaign is a huge undertaking and takes a lot of hard work by a lot of people.  I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the incredible support I have received by so many in our community, my friends and my family. The counting continues but initial results show that I have secured close to

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